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Quisby 650B Shines!

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Pete Young racing a demo 650B Quisby to 6th Place at the Single Speed Intergalactic Championship in Ocala, FL on March 25. Photo by Gone Riding.

Pricing Update!

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I've made a permanent change to the pricing.  Click  PRICING on the left side navigation bar!

Alex's BMX Bike

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I had been promising my nephew a new bike for a the last few summers, now I've finally finished the long over due project. To pick up where we left off! 
 Fillet brazed wishbone chainstay. My first fillet, btw.
All welded up, with parts.
Mocked up. Soak to remove flux from braze-ons
Done at the powder coater Assembly and a few stickers later...
(pending brakes, chain and handlebar plugs.) ITS A BIKE Now I'm gonna do some "test" rides on it then box it and ship it off to Tejas for my nephew. Next, to build his sister's cruiser.....beach, not bmx.

Updates. Moving Forward.

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Lots of updates! 
Mr Cory Lippel's frame and fork are at the painters. He's getting a black with gold flake and gold lining at the lugs. Fork will be painted to match. Cory is racing in St. Pete in Feb and we hope the frame to be back in Tampa for a hand delivery during the race.
My nephew's BMX is FINALLY getting built. I wanted to build him and his sister bikes for the last few years. I've finally gotten it all the parts together, so the frame can be fabricated. He wants it blue and gold. So I figure the bars and fork will get a gold powder coat and the frame to get an electric blue.  
Frame tubing, uncut:

 Tubing cut to length and mitered. Vent holes drilled & BB-seat tube welded.
 Fixture angles set with Headtube, seat tube and top tube in place.

 BB to down tube welds.
 Front Triangle together:
 Head tube welds:
 Surly's track ends:
The rest is still uncut, but I have a few days off this week so it should be getting color next week.

Pete's Dirty Qwjybo

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29er update.

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I spent some time in the shop this evening and got Jimmy's front triangle tacked and out of the jig. I'll weld it together then add the rear end. Cory's fixed frame will be promptly after this.